cool man.

Hi yall I've been updating my cool skills in Texas for the last 6 days. They are sooooooooo cool there.

Okay, so here are some ubercool tips:

a) if you watch this vid, you are sooo cool.
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b) if you want to be cool enough you have to shop at walmart. No wait. Thats not cool enough. Make it target. They're for sexy people only. and cool people.

c) buy chocolate covered almonds. but only the dark chocolate if you want to be cool. yummmmmmmmm. except if you're allergic to nuts. then it's so not cool.

d) last but not least, watch the goonies RIGHT NOW. 80s movies rock. new ones are for chumps. so go. now. i'll wait for you to buy a copy and we can watch it at the same time. :)

Okay. Oh, and just by checking my blog you're cool enough to me. :) Way to go.

you know you love me
ps: try to find the hidden message the end..... ;) XOXOOOOXXXXXX

(how does frankie-g sound??)

how uncool. :(

Wow guys. I really let all of you down today. I was at the Walmart and did something really uncool. I farted. Out loud. In a very crowded line. How embarassing. One kid started crying. It was pretty bad, I'll admit it. Sorry guys.

Uncool tip:
If you really want to be very veryyyyy uncool fart very veryyy loudly in Walmart and make children cry.

Sorry guys.

I'll understand if you don't love me today....or at least until I smell a little better.

:( Smelly Frank.

Cool Glasses MAYUN.

Hey guys. It's been a while since i updated. Sorry, how uncool. (Wow, way to sneak in an extra cool tip, Frank). Anways, I was very very excited about this new tip.

Cool People Tip #2:
Buy Raybans. If you're out of cashmoney and flat broke then just buy knock off from your local gas station. NOBODY can tell the difference. Not even Ray himself.

Good luck on your shopping endeavors.

You know you love me.
 Baby F

Welcome EVERYBODY (not just the cool ones)

Hey all. My name is Frank and I've decided that today is the first day of my "cool" life. Growing up I didn't think that I was "cool" enough, and now that I've given up on a trashy apartment and bad pornos, I've changed completely. I'm now cool enough. And I want everybody else to be cool also. So now I'll give you the first piece of "cool" people advice. Ready? Okay....

Frank's Cool Tip #1:
Get rid of your highwater pants. No, Noah. There isn't a flood coming.


Have a good day. And just keep telling yourself that you are cool enough.

you know you love me
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